We offer complete rebuilding. blueprinting, modification and development services. We specialize in high output KZ / ICC, ROK Shifter and MotoX engines used in Karts and Motorcycles, and have long time experience with IAME X30, Swift, ROK, and PRD Tag engines. In addition we have extensive experience with TZ/RS125/250 motorcycle engines goes back decades with AMA Pro road racing.

We are ready to help you with parts, service and support.

Do you have a special project you need help with? We do custom development work and have a broad range of experience with projects ranging from Bonneville record attempts to Motorized bicycle racing to GP cylinder development and much more. If it involves a two-stroke engine we've likely done it.

Give us a call if you have something different you need help with.

If you are located in Southern California, please call us in advance if you want to bring your engine, or visit our shop. If you ship your motor, please follow these steps:

  • Important! Drain gearbox oil & gasoline please. They will leak and UPS/FedEx, Post Office will be Pissed!
  • Clean the motor of heavy grease & oil.
  • Close and seal all ports (inlet, exhaust, and water). Duct tape is recommended.
  • Include any other related parts (carburetor etc., ) that you want to have inspected or serviced.
  • Secure in an adequate box with padding. Double boxing works well. (a UPS store should be able to assist).
  • Complete the shipping form. Include the top portion in the box, and attach (and protect) the shipping label to the outside with clear packing tape.
  • We recommend shipping Fed Ex or UPS and insuring the package for replacement cost.

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