Pro Level 2001 Spec Moto

For over ten years the DDR has been developing our 2001 program!  Only DDR has this much experience and the race results to back it up!  Our 2001 cylinder has been winning SKUSA Championships in modified classes since 2002!

We developed this exclusive SKUSA legal package around the 2001 cylinder to generate increased power on the the top end.  This is the Spec Moto package that has been winning SKUSA events since 2006, including PKC Championships and SuperNats since 2006 in S1, S2, S3, S4.  This package also has won the IKF Grand Nationals and the TaG World Finals (Stock Moto Class).

Don't be fooled by inferior imitators.  The DDR power valve plugs are CNC machined...not cast!  We also have a unique flow shape and locking system.  Get the power to win! We have 10 years of experience with the 2001 cylinders and plugs, and have sold hundreds!